About Cryolab Eersel

Cryolab Eersel, founded in 1997, is engaged with research, extending, storage and distribution of semen from various species. The most important of which are the dog and the goat.

Cryolab is established at the address Nieuwstraat 63a in Eersel. In addition Cryolab has an other branch located in Middelbeers at the NVWA certified GKN- goat reproduction centre.

The research is carried out with the most modern computer-based analysis that gives objective and reliable results.

The extending of the semen is basically performed in 2 ways: chilled preservation at 4 degrees (chilled or frozen) preserving its quality up to 5 days as well as by freezing and storage at -196 degrees Celsius making it lifelong sustainable (frozen semen).

The storage is partly automated in containers with liquid nitrogen, which are specially secured in a way that will guarantee its lifelong quality.

The extended semen can be delivered by us worldwide. And we have acquired a lot of experience in exporting to quarantine countries. We collaborate with a number of other semen banks and reproduction centres in various countries. For the actual transport of the processed sperm we have created together with a few carriers a safe and rapid system.

The insemination of the semen is done preferably directly into the uterus via the TCI method.


Cryolab Eersel

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Cryolab Eersel