The distribution of canine semen

There has been a rise in activity of Cryolab in sending semen abroad and vice versa. By doing this one can create a good opportunity to escape the increasing genetic narrowness within the various breeds in our own country. The Internet makes it much easier to communicate with breeders.

An important point here is that the results with the chilled or frozen semen are greatly improved in recent years due to improved techniques of semen processing and transportation but also by the TCI insemination method. We have a lot of experience with the actual distribution to and from various countries and the knowledge of their specific requirements. We can supply in advance what options there are for every country ie chilled and/or frozen, how long the entire process will take, the time required for the distribution and the total costs involved. The quality documents, customs documents and sanitary documents are provided by us so that problems are not to be expected with the export. For quarantine countries, where only frozen semen is permitted for entry the NVWA vet (State Veterinary Officer) should seal the dryshipper and needs to provide extra documents. We can make all the required arrangments for this.

The Procedure

Application for an export or import of canine semen can be best send by mail via info@cryolab.nl , please attach your address, phone number and email address as well as the same items of the sperm bank receiving it, name and address of the breeder, a copy of the pedigree of the male dog, chilled of frozen, how many breeding units and if we have to provide a transport container/dry shipper or if its being send from abroad.

Chilled semen

Chilled semen can best be sent one to two days before the expected optimum period for insemination of the female dog. This is based on the measurement of the progesterone level, which has to be around 5ng/ml. For most destinations it is possible to collect the semen today so that it can be delivered tomorrow. In this way you only lose one day of storage before the insemination. There is a minimal depreciation of quality during one day at 4 degrees centigrade.

For a chilled transport you must take into account that in general the transportation companies do not deliver in the weekends. The last possibility of collecting the semen is on Thursday until 12:00, so that it can be delivered on Friday, often again for 12:00. This applies to most destinations. Sometimes it can be delivered to VCK Logistics at Schiphol on Friday before 11:30 AM while it still can be delivered at numerous European destinations this same day. This is slightly more expensive than sending door-to-door with Fedex or TNT Express.

So if it’s expected that the insemination will take place in the weekend it should be delivered at last on Friday. With the current extenders for chilling the semen can definitely be preserved with good quality for several days extra.

Frozen Semen

For the frozen semen transports time isn’t so important: the regular dry shipper keeps the semen frozen for at least 10 days, a disposable dry shipper for 3 days. Enough time to deliver it all over the world, especially in the first case. In this way you can send or receive the frozen semen a long time before the expected optimal period of the female dog. So that you wont be surprised by a female dog that is in early heat.

Our dryshipper with views of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa!

Transporting Companies

For the actual transport, we work together with three companies: Fedex, TNT Express and VCK Logistics at Schiphol. Per individual transport we look at which of the three has the best conditions and the best quality of transport for that specific destination.


To ensure the quality and reliability of exports and the optimal use of the semen we have built up a closer cooperation in several countries with local sperm banks:

United States: MOFA Global Australia: Cryogenes and Sires on Ice Germany: Blendivet (Konrad Blendinger) In these and other countries we have more reprovets and semenbanks with whom we have worked together for both imports and exports frequently and successfully. The exports to Australia and New Zealand as well as the imports from the USA into the Netherlands will be discussed separately.

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