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The evaluation and handling of goat buck semen is an important activity of Cryolab. We are closely working together with 'Geiten KI vereniging Nederland'(GKN). Cryolab reviews and evaluates the semen of bucks GKN wants to use in their herd. To do so, we use a semen challenge test and CASA (computer assisted semen analysis).

In co-operation with the veterinary faculty of the Utrecht University (NED) we have set up a field research with several goat bucks. Additionally we produce and deliver extenders for the use of fresh semen and we freeze semen in our laboratory with our own extenders and freezing curves. Storage of frozen semen is located in specially designed containers. Collection of semen, transport to the laboratory, transport back to the goat farm and inseminations are done by employees of GKN.

Together with GKN and others we do research to improve the quality of fresh and frozen semen procedures for goat bucks. Additionally we are working on improving insemination techniques.

Goal of this research is to achieve results at least as good as natural fertilization. Additionally the goal is to produce semen with export standards.

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