Price List

Product / Service Price incl. VAT (€)
Quality assessment canine semen CASA 131,25
First collection and freezing* 351,75
Second time collection and freezing on the same day 183,75
Next time collection and freezing 309,75
Semen storage 1 year/male incl. Insurance* 82,4
Intake handling frozen semen 39,35
Blood testing Brucella Canis** 94,5
Blood testing Leishmania** 94,5
Blood testing Leptospirose** 94,5
Shipment chilled semen*** 460-600
Storing chilled semen Cryolab 3-5 days 85
Shipment frozen semen europe in Cryocube excl.
collection and freezing***
Shipment frozen semen USA/Hawaii in regular dryshipper
excl. collection and freezing***
Other shipments On Request
*When you want to freeze for the first time, you pay “first time
collection and freezing”+ “Semen storage 1 year/male incl. insurance”
**Only required for some countries outside Europe.***This is an estimate
, actual costs at the time of shipping can differ to a certain extend.
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