The storage of frozen semen

Why do we freeze semen?

The straws or pellets with frozen sperm are stored in our tank filled with liquid nitrogen which is divided in many compartments. This tank is automatically filled with liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees Celsius) from a large nitrogen storage pressure tank and is digitally monitored . This is safe and reliable. The lifespan of the frozen semen is in this way almost indefinite.

We have a computer assisted storage register, which is coupled to the client administration system. This ensures that there won’t be uncertainties about ownership, the number of straws, identity of the straws and localization in the storage tank. Especially since many straws can be stored for years, this is of primary importance.

The straws or pellets kept in storage are placed alphabetically by name of the client and then the name of the male dog.

We insure the sperm during this storage in case of damage or accidents to the level of the stud fee of the male dog at the time of freezing. The number of breeding units is the key concept. Value otherwise, e.g. Emotional, is not assured.

For the yearly storage a contract is made with the owner of the sperm and there is an annual fee charged per dog. See the price list.

If the owner wants to use the semen of the storage for insemination or for transport abroad or transferring the ownership to someone else, this needs to be done in advance by a written statement or by email via info@cryolab.nl.

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