The purpose of examining semen is to try to give a good estimate of the fertilising capacity on the basis of several measurable properties. Furthermore, the suitability for freezing and chilling semen can be determined after examination. Accuracy, working according to strict protocols and experience are important to ensure the repeatability of the results. We are knowledgeable with regards to several types of research:

General semen examination

The following characteristics are relatively easy to determine:

  • Volume
  • Concentration
  • Gross Motility
  • Morphology (the appearance after staining)

Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)

The general semen examination can be extended with a computer-based analysis (CASA), which will also include the average speed of individual semen cells such as VCL, VCA and VCI, the movement pattern, speed clusters and their distribution, head and the head cap analysis and a large number of other parameters. For more information refer to the result form.

A computer-based analysis provides an objective and digitized result and document that in the context of sending also provides security for the receiver.

Mainly before the insemination with (frozen or chilled) semen we do a computer-based analysis so we can control the quality at a specific and exact time.

DNA research:

On the basis of the non-processed sperm there can be a DNA analysis carried out. For this, a small amount will be sent to the Institute van Haeringen from Wageningen. This is especially important in case of the use of semen that has been frozen a long time ago, when DNA research was not very common in dogs.


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