Addendum 2, Estimated costs of transportation

List of documents needed for import of canine frozen semen in the Netherlands


November 3rd 2013

Regarding: estimate for the combined transportation of canine frozen semen incl. documentation, containerrent and deposit from the USA , to Cryolab Eersel The Netherlands, including fee 1st year of semenbanking and fee intake in the semenbank of Cryolab including insurance.

Estimated costs of transportation: (Fedex/VCK) Currency: Euro
  • 1Transport in the USA to MofA Wisconsin: 200.00 euro
  • 2Transport Mofa to Schiphol : 200.00 euro
  • 3Preparation and Storage Mofa : 125.00 euro
  • 4Transport from Schiphol to Eersel: 35.00 euro
  • 5Documentation & State Vet Office USA: 135.00 euro
  • 6NVWA costs Schiphol: 175.00 euro
  • 7Containerrent: 50.00 euro
  • 8Insurance Transport: 25.00 euro

  • Total : 945.00 euro

    VAT 21%: 198.45euro

    Total incl VAT: 1143.45 euro

    This is an estimate; actual costs at the time of shipping can differ to a certain extend. Deposit will be refunded after return of the dryshipper in good condition.Terms and Conditions of Cryolab BV and Terms and Conditions for Transportation of Semen of Cryolab BV are applicable to this transaction .

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